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Megha Dadarwal

Funniest Things That People Are Talking About Women on Quora

POSTED ON 3 Mar 2017
3 Min read

What happens when people have a public forum like QUORA to ask questions and zero hesitation? Us women, we have been always used to answering weird questions regarding feminism and everything around it. While the internet is full of avenues to get these questions answered, we can across some really interesting ones on Quora.


We came across some hilarious questions asked about women which got us thinking, are these for real? Trust us, it took us a while to believe. Check out these questions and their responses that got us lolling!




1 Why have girls started to put chokers around their neck?


2 What do you think when an Indian girl is staring at you?




3 What does it feel like to be an unattractive woman?


4 Do male soldiers find it hard to kill enemy female soldiers?


5 Are girls really crazy for IITians?




6 Why every girls love flowers madly?


7 How do 40+ women, feel when they remember their youth?


8 What do women mean, when they say: "You are not listening!" to a man?




9 Why do most women remove the hair from their armpits?


10 What are benefits for women wearing lungi?


11 Do women have more difficulty parallel parking?


12 How do women in the Bay Area feel when people say there are no attractive women in the Bay Area?



13 What's the good and bad things about being a mom in the 21st century?


14 Do Indian women like Indian men with mustaches?


15 Does it turn girls off to find out that a guy has a morbidly obese cat?


16 In an arranged marriage set-up, is it okay if the girl initiates the second meet in case she really likes the guy in the first meet?


17 Is a girl collecting action figures a turn off for boys?




18 Do girls like the smell that comes from the underarms of guys?


19 Do you think some girls playing League of Legends real or fake?




20  If you had to choose one of the following three girls to marry, who would you choose and why: a hot and crazy girl, a hot and dumb girl, or an ugly and intelligent girl?


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Written by Megha Dadarwal

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