Follow your dreams; you have nothing to lose

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At the age of 23, Stuti founded Crosshairs Communication one of India's most niche and upcoming Public Relations, Brand Consultancy and Social Media companies. She was nominated and selected for the Fortune mentorship Program and invited for FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit. She has been invited to speak in Japan to address the "International Conference for Women in Business”. Stuti is also is part of Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. SHEROES caught up with her, read on to know how she made it:

What made you start early?

Starting early was always on my mind. When I had my final interview with the director at Symbiosis, where I completed my masters in Mass communication, I told him that I wanted to have my own company.  My mentor Prahlad Kakkar always encouraged me to start young. He always said, "Follow your dreams, there is nothing to lose." As I was growing, the idea of having a company of my own and starting early was always at the back of my mind. And in 2002 Crosshairs finally happened.

What is your motivation to keep going?

I absolutely love what I do, everything about it excites me. I am regularly invited to speak at women forums. Sometime back I was at the Fortune Most Powerful Summit apart from that also won the Best Young Women Entrepreneur at the Women Leaders’ Awards 2011. Every morning I wake up excited and really like mentoring young minds.

Tell us something about Crosshairs Communication.

We are a Public relations, Advertising, Brand Strategy, Brand building, Brand Management and event management firm that believe whole heartedly in embracing and understanding change in whatever form of shape. Crosshairs is a resurgent belief in fearless innovation. Its single most strength lies in its ability to constantly reinvent itself and come up with concepts that give clients unconventional and creative ways to project their philosophy, other than commonly followed PR practices.

Do you face any challenges at work?

Not really, even if I do, they do not account for much. There are certain problems that come up while dealing with government departments. But honestly these challenges are a part of life and I overcome these sooner or later.

Future plans for Crosshairs

Expanding to other major cities in the country and then growing internationally.

Tips for the SHEROES out there

To them I’d say believe in yourself. Have a goal and work hard towards to it. Don't ever be intimidated problem because every problem has a solution. Feel free from within and be passionate about what you do. And finally, have a dream -- what is life without one anyway. 

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