Fleximoms Chronicles: Hema Kulkarni

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What I do – my education and work:

I manage the HR Solutions Business at DimenZion3 Talent Consulting LLP. DimenZion3 is a Talent Consulting firm and I specialize in managing clients and client relationships in the Managed HR (Outsourced HR business) for growing organizations. We have clients from the manufacturing, services, digital solutions and Social Media domains as our clients. I come with a degree in Computer Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

My support system:

I am a woman with independent thought and action process. My family including my Husband and 14 year old school going daughter, is my sole support system. I garner a lot of flexibility and co-operation when I need the space to execute my priorities

My inspiration to do what I do:

The very need to create an identity for myself as an individual drives me. I wanted to build an environment that provides equal growth and sustenance opportunities for men and women. To inspire other women to exercise not just financial independence but also independence of thought and to create a positive difference to society

A day in my working life:

A typical day at work for me starts at 9.30am. I spend one half of the day planning for and executing backend client deliverables. I also spend part of this time in active marketing and business development activities.  The other half of the day involves client visits and relationship management. While there is no fixed end time, I am done with most of my work by 6.30pm, ready to take on domestic responsibilities in what remains of my time.

What makes work ‘work’?

The feeling of accomplishment after a lot of hard work is a fulfilling one. My drive for results ensures that I leave no stones unturned to churn output. I also get immense happiness when I see my clients satisfied with the kind of impact we have on their organization

The work-life balance:

Apart from being an Entrepreneur, I am also a mother and give equal importance to work and personal life. In order to ensure an effective work life balance, I schedule specific times and days only to work and spend remaining time pursuing personal interests and family commitments. I work from home during days with ambiguous schedules.

My stress-buster:

I take immense interests in cooking, painting, organic gardening and blogging and these help me relieve my stressful times

What makes “me-time “special:

“Me time” is all about continuous improvement. I spend a lot of this time introspecting about improving things I do –be it my work or my passion.

Would I do it differently?

Probably not

What would I change?

Due to my busy schedule both at family and at work, I am not able to devote much time to do lot of things that I would otherwise love to do. This is one thing I would like to change myself where ideally I should have more time to explore new things in life.

Last word for Fleximoms:

“There is never a good time or a bad time to come back. Anytime is a good time and the best time is NOW. If you wait for the right day and right time, they will never come because they dwell in one’s mind and not on calendars and clocks!”  

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