Five cool hobbies to business ideas

Published on 20 Aug 2015 . 4 min read

Tour Guide- Love your city? Proud of your roots? Do you live in a place that is rich in history and culture or boasts of a cosmopolitan influence? Do you enjoy exploring what your place has to offer? Are you known among your friends as the czar of Delhi/Mysore/Tuticorin? Then why not convert your zest for touring into a full time business venture? Many states, cities and small towns in our country conduct eco-tours, royal walks, cycling tours, photography workshops, social awareness programmes and so on to enlighten and educate tourists from world over about their city. An initial investment of your time, enthusiasm and money will take you a long way into becoming a reputed tour guide. Excellent people management skills, command over language and a genuine interest in a variety of people are an added bonus. A marriage between the two- a hobby and earning money off it- is the perfect profession for you.

Catering- For all those who grew up watching international sitcoms on TV or visited cool restaurants offering a variety of cuisines in the early 2000, a salad is a term that one would have come across in the starter/appetizer section of the menu. Most of us love salads for its simple, nutritious, healthy and delicious component. It is so easy to make that children too enjoy putting together an assortment of veggies in a platter, dribble it with syrups, mix it in thick paste of mayonnaise, shake salt and pepper over it and serve it with a yogurt dip and a flourish! So why not turn this opportunity of serving fresh hearty salad bowl to hungry corporate (within your city) seeking mercy from boring canteen food? A salad can be eaten at the work desk or during a coffee break or distributed during a conference. I would love a bowlful of pasta salad with a mint yogurt dipping please! A love for food, access to fresh veggies and fruits, deep knowledge of companies around the city and an efficient you is all that is required. Wait until the word spreads and busy will be your middle name!

Selling Junk jewellery- Ever heard of selling junk jewellery (roadside jewellery) online? A visit around Commercial Street in Bangalore, Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, MG road in Mumbai and so on is a visual and vibrant experience for many. Why not convert this experience online? If shopping is your hobby, collecting collectables or a weekend spending pocket money at Sarojini Nagar this start up idea is for you.  All you need is a unique eye, networking skills and selling finesse! Affordable, colourful and trendy. All you college goers- how about starting a business before you finish your management course?

Photography- Photography is a great way of making money assuming you already own a good set of camera gear. Newborn photography and candid wedding photography are some of the most lucrative areas of interest in the business. Although the initial investment maybe high, the pay offs are higher. Be sure to copy-write your images which can later be used to promote your business. Dedicating a website honouring your past and present work is a sure way to impress new clients. After all a website is your business card, in a manner of speaking. If candid photography is not your thing, one can always sell their photographs to websites or companies for a decent sum or conduct technical workshops about camera gear and equipments for basic learners.

Gardening- Setting up an online gardening website is strictly for those with a green thumb and a keen eye for detail. While most of us live in corporate jungles, a garden makeover is an idea that is sure to thrive. The apartment culture in cities neither gives space nor opportunities to grow a garden and that is where you come into the picture. Why not offer that newlywed couple looking to set up home, a tiny garden in their balcony for a fee? Or sell pots with Indian motifs, unique shapes and colours (I would love a yellow colour jug shaped pot on my window sill) or milk the opportunity of selling planters theme wise (How about a reindeer pot for Christmas)? Once the dice on your business gets rolling why not up the game by selling wooden, wrought iron, metal and bamboo planters? Why not conduct workshops on house plants? Yes, I can now hear your mind working!

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