Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

Last updated 29 Dec 2016 . 4 min read

This is the season of the goddess.

Navratri with its 9 “avatars” of the goddess ushers in the commemoration of the “Devi”. Followed up by Durga Puja and then Lakshmi Puja for Diwali. Every year, it is that time when there is festive nip in the air. People generally feel exuberant, buoyant, joyous and reverent.

At personal homes and community halls at a larger scale the “Devi’ or Goddess is worshipped. She is almighty, divine, supreme, generous, powerful, energy, happiness and enlightenment. By praying to her our lives are suppose to fill up with bounty and fulfillment.

The female goddess is adulated by all in our country. But do women tap into the inner goddess within their own self? How many women feel they have similar qualities as the Devi? Do they realize and consider that they can the goddess in their own real life and deal with their struggles and battles every day differently? How many women exercise and use the same latent power within them to sort out their own issues?    

Rather than just gawking at the goddess and ask for her to make dreams come true, start finding your inner goddess.

Say no to toxic people

The goddess purges evil, aka toxic people in real life. She is not frightened, bullied, let down or sullied by toxic people. She simply loses them and moved ahead. There is great power in saying “No” to negativity around you. That “no” at the right time to the wrong person is liberating. Mind you, toxic people come guised as treats for you. So become aware, face up, accept and purge them. Create your own boundaries.  Move out of circumstances that does not serve you, you stop being caged and become free. There new beginning to chart then.

Make time for “Tender, love and care” for your own Self

Goddess Durga comes to earth, to take a break and it is her vacay time at her mother’s home. Yay! Rightly so. She is also needs a break from her godly, wife and mother duties.

Women are constantly feeding to other people’s needs and demands. It is time one takes a break from it all and indulges in some “tender, love and care” for self. Without guilt, shame, conditioning and judgment bothering it is vital to allow and make time for self. Do what one really wants, desires and needs for oneself. This freedom, space and self love is crucial for self sustenance and evolution.  

Go ahead and love yourself.


She will rise, no matter what; nothing can bring her down

No matter what crap life may have meted out to her, troubles and challenges are put in her way and abuses and insults showered at her, momentarily it may seem the goddess has retreated. But make no mistake. Her retreat is her rehabilitation.  

She takes few steps back to replenish herself and then she rises and charges with greater power and force. Mistakes, flaws and obstacles, she takes them all in her stride and moves forward. She is not defeated. The deeper she falls in the pit; she uses the same the ground as a support to rise higher.


She blooms in all her glory, beauty, happiness and completeness, even if no one watching.

The goddess doesn’t need approval or sanction for her happiness. She embodies happiness as a person. It is in her spirit, soul, mind and body. Just the way she is. She is not waiting for someone else to buy, bring or beget her happiness. She is comfortable in her own skin, space and choices for life. She is happiness herself; so are you. You don’t need to keep looking for it outside yourself. You are happiness.

Photo Credits – Madhura Dasgupta and Manjira Dasgupta







Piyali Dasgupta
A writer and an educator with expertise in experiential learning,capacity building, counselling & content development. A feminist, wit addict and time/life traveler. She loves trees, water bodies, vintage,cooking and arts

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