Feeling Held Back At Work? 4 Ways To Achieve Your True Potential

Published on 12 Apr 2017 . 4 min read

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Catch yourself daydreaming about a more impressive job title, higher compensation or greater responsibility at work? Most ambitious employees experience a level of frustration with their careers, believing they ought to have achieved more or, at times, wish they had chosen a different career altogether. According to a recent Monster survey, a whopping 78.52% of respondents felt they could have been in a better position in their profession than they are at present.

Various factors are preventing employees from achieving their true potential, according to the survey. Lack of education and opportunity (49.71%) is a major problem, but not trying hard enough (15.59%), not thinking unconventionally to pursue one’s passion (10.29%) and choosing a regular or conventional profession (17.35%) are other reasons standing in the way of professional satisfaction and fulfillment.

The good news is that none of these constraints are insurmountable. With a little ingenuity, you can overcome them all and realise all your career goals:

Lack of education and opportunity

The solution: The proliferation of online courses and certifications, weekend courses and a plethora of executive education programs has meant that lack of education or skills is no longer a barrier to achieving your full potential. Admittedly, even as these courses are specially designed for working professionals, it still requires large amounts of discipline and motivation to balance them with your professional and family life—something you will have to look for within yourself.

Not trying hard enough

The solution: There can be several factors behind not trying hard enough, including lack of motivation and physical and emotional exhaustion. Reminding yourself about what inspired you to choose your profession, and a clear-eyed view of your career goals, are powerful motivational tools you could fall back on. Hacks like prioritising your tasks, organising your schedule at the start of each day and efficient email management can all help you break away from the rut and hit the road to career success.

On the other hand, among the best ways of tackling the problem of emotional and physical exhaustion is adopting a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits not only increase your energy levels, but also boost creativity and concentration and help you excel at your job.

Not thinking unconventionally to pursue one’s passion

The solution: Arguably the best way to ensure career success is to find a job you are passionate about. Yet the fact remains that not everyone is fortunate enough to have chosen a career that aligns with their passion. If you find yourself stuck in a job that doesn’t inspire you, it’s never too late to change tracks. But it’s vital not to lose sight of logic and common sense while taking a step that’s as big as a career change. 

Choosing a regular or conventional profession

The solution: With almost a fifth of the respondents (17.35%) citing this option, it’s clear that choosing a regular or conventional profession is seen as a major impediment to career success. But know this—there’s a way to shine even while staying on in a conventional profession. The key is to keep reinventing yourself through a variety of available means, like continuous learning, networking and finding yourself a mentor group. Several unconventional professions require people with conventional skills and experience, so you could also consider how to take your career in more fun and challenging new direction. (For e.g., if you’re passionate about music, but skilled in accounting, consider becoming a financial planner for a record company.)

Taking a proactive approach to your career can help you excel in almost any field of work, from the most mundane to the cutting edge.

Remember, there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent you from reaching your full potential. All you need to do is #GoOutAndBe.

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This article was first published on MonsterIndia.com.


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