Falling In Love With App Development - Amrutha's Story

Last updated 15 Jan 2017 . 3 min read

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“Honestly it all started when my classmate Anand posted the advertisement link on our Whatsapp group. I don’t usually open such links but the name IMAD was very unique (weird to be honest) i just opened it. As soon as i watched the video, I was like, why not… just give it a try.

I'm a CSE 3rd year student but not that into programming while I love networking. So app development was not something that was supposed to be in my favourite list. But the syllabus had a mixture of both programs and network.

I made all my friends register so that i could write the exam with them and not alone :P Slowly as classes progressed, they too begun showing an interest. We just learn a cream of the topics in our college, and at IMAD, we got a better deeper view on certain topics and the best part, GitHub.

Usually when I read that magazine called OPENSOURCE, I often see them mentioning GitHub but didn’t have any idea of what that was.  I finally can understand their articles too.

Making the app was another story. Debugging the program and carefully checking the order of the program of mine and Tanmai’s and yet I couldn't find the error. Out of no where, I caught them. I'll never forget that week of practicals. It was Onam in Kerala and i was with my cousins. Thank god! they didn't murder me because every day after 6, I will be busy with my laptop doing the practicals and taking notes.

Examination day: 6 of us had to go to Angamali, Ernakulam district of Kerala to write the exam. I swear if not for IMAD, we would never get that amaazing day. Traveling with studies and foodies. Writing the exam and winking at each other because all the questions were discussed by us before. Finally post the exams, coming out with excitement since it went good for all of us :)

IMAD journey was too goood and it ended too quickly. My parents still mock me by commenting that if I showed an interest for my college lessons like the way I showed to IMAD, I could have topped :) I swear i wanted to share my story and my happiness with the Imad team ever since the exam got over. Thank you so much for giving me this chance to explore loots (never knew servers were this great)

Of course, I do have few doubts of JSON and certain implementations, but since i have gained a proper foundation with this course, I think I can manage it and find the answers by myself.


I'm just sad that the course was of a very small duration and we had to rush and finish things. If it was a bit more lengthy, we could have learned loot more and also could have done a lot practially.

A Big Thank You XD
Amrutha Sujith”


Register for IMAD here. The course begins on January 23rd.

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