Rajita Bhatnagar
12 Sep 2014 . 2 min read

Word For The day - Teacher

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Dear Community members,

I have been thinking of writing to you all since a while. Based on 20 years of my work experience as a hard core processional in competitive space ~ I have gathered so many pearls of wisdom that I now want to start sharing with you all. I want to keep it simple - I will take a 'word' and share my thoughts around it. I see it will be eventually driven by your, feedback and you sharing what 'word' you want me to talk on. Easy .....!

Your Today's word is Teachers:

Teachers day just went by, I am sure many of us remembered our most favorite teachers in school/college/ job or even someone in family. Well, I too had a few moments spent thinking about it. I realized that some of my most recent experiences, sometimes not good ones - turned out to be marvelous learnings for me. Your own experience is a great teacher. I encourage you to remember any specific real instance, where you wished you thought harder, you had not taken the option that didn't work out - or you had taken a path that was not obvious/ rather easy and instead gone for tougher-looking that sometimes turn out better, easy and growth oriented. Teachers teach us concepts - but experiences give us wisdom. To gain good wisdom you need good teachers. So cherish what you learned and pass the word around - can you be a good teacher to someone today, think about it. Stay tuned...and leave a comment to share your experiences.

Thanks, Rajita

Rajita Bhatnagar
Seasoned leader driving Business Strategy, planning & operations towards a positive impact. Love to interact and observe diverse human behavior and am a constant learner.

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