Does Your Business Need To Be On Instagram?

Last updated 24 Aug 2016 . 4 min read

Can you imagine being inspired by a thumbnail photo grid? Instagram is redefining how social media is being consumed; we are hooked to its imag-spiration.

Instagram is one of the most popular apps used by digital marketing experts to communicate their brand story. According to market statistics, there is a large chunk of homegrown entrepreneurs and start-ups who are exploring this tool to connect and engage with their prospective and existing clients--with no additional expenditure.

Instagram works on the basic principle of images being louder than words. It gives you the flexibility to combine photographs and emotions to penetrate into the ‘swipe culture’. We are constantly looking for inspiration, and Instagram is telling a million stories through its image grid.

So, here are some hacks to explore Instagram:

The first rule of Instagram: Be ‘human’; your followers want to know what goes in the making of your strength.

George is a fitness trainer with almost 80,000 followers who are constantly browsing through his Instagram feed for inspiration. This could vary--from what he eats for breakfast to his post-workout routine. They want to know the human elements of his success story, which is extremely engaging and addictive.

George is building his personal brand as a fitness trainer by being real about his fitness routine and sharing snippets and advice for someone who is interested in fitness.

Secondly, Instagram helps you share information creatively. This can be enhanced by using various filters and edit tools. Creativity is always more attractive than mundane information.

For instance, Ria started her career as a fashion blogger three years ago and has a massive following. She keeps sharing information about her shopping and most-preferred fashion combinations.

Ria appeals to a very young audience who are addicted to social media, Instagram helps her share updates and connect brands in a very unique way.

I think this is a very interesting perspective towards engaging and expanding your business to a much larger audience.

Third, ‘hashtag’ your way to popularity--a great Instagram feed is always well marked with popular hashtags.

If you are providing tips about baking, make sure you use popular hashtags such as #Desserts, #Instafood #Bakers #cakes etc. These hashtags are useful to someone searching for particular information. These algorithms are easily available online--just punch for popular hashtags and you will get a list of names in your area of interest.

Fourth, enhance your personal brand and narrate your brand story.

A large number of celebrities are using Instagram to build an empire. The very popular Kardashians have an interesting Instagram trajectory. Each member has a fan following that could challenge any seasoned marketing professional. Their logic is simple: Display glamour through images. Most of their updates are candid and interestingly combined with paid endorsements and appearances.

Most importantly, you do not require expensive cameras or equipment to click great images.

Instagram allows you to use image enhancing filters and edit tools to add quotes, etc. to your photographs. You can customise and make it much more appealing.

Every brand/entrepreneur has a story to share. Use Instagram to communicate your aesthetics, be unpredictable and keep changing your pace. This will keep your followers hooked to your unique story.

Pooja Kochar
Pooja Kochar is the founder of 30ish and PhotoblogHER, she is a blogger, photographer and positive body image activist. After spending almost a decade working with India’s IT giant she decided to bet on herself and embrace entrepreneurship.

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