Demystifying Coding With #HourOfCode Movement

Last updated 22 Nov 2017 . 2 min read


#HourOfCode has registered exceptional success. In India alone 956 events have been organised till now. This movement has been carried out in different countries around the world and has smashed the stereotype associated with coding. 

Over 180 countries signed up for over 164,000 events on its website to celebrate Computer Science Education Week 2016. 

Coding is the language of computers. And, coders hold key to our digital future. Digitization has not only changed our modus operandi, we have also considerably changed the face of the jobs in future. 

Code is a set of instructions (or rules) that computers can understand; it might be helpful to think of code as a recipe. This is how it works; People write code, code powers computers and computers power many everyday objects like phones, watches, microwaves and cars. 

Computers run on binary code—written in 1s and 0s—which is very difficult for humans to work with. But just as people can understand different languages computers can understand different languages (like Python, C, C , Perl, Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, Ruby and PHP, among others) which translate our instructions into binary. 

There are “low-level” and “high-level” coding languages. Lower-level languages more closely resemble binary code while higher-level languages are easier to code in. So learning to code is literally like learning a new language.

But as computers have come to make our lives easy, it is also going to increase our dependence in the coming days. Especially in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Now is the exciting time for coders or computer programmers, as we like to address them. Coders are going to be the talk of the town and the #HourOfCode tutorials are making sure to get at least one coder from each house around the globe. 

Go Coders!

Lola Jutta
An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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