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Dear Millennials, This Is How You Can Make Money On Instagram

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Starting a small scale business? Want to promote your business by reaching out to a larger audience? Would you like your brand to reach out to more people and gain a strong following for your products? All for free? If yes, Instagram is your platform. Here's how to promote your business through an Instagram page-


Set up your unique business Instagram account


This means setting up an account other than your personal one. An account solely devoted to the promotion of your brand with carefully handpicked posts.

If you're trying to promote business through your personal Instagram account which is interrupted by your selfies, you wouldn't be making a lot of sales.


Here's a rundown on how to optimise your professional Instagram presence for business promotions-


Create a unique brand name-

A unique account with a consistent name and picture. Branding begins at the very first step of picking a name which is catchy, uncommon and unique. Choose a name that best defines your product and be recognisable by using the same brand name and pictures.


Interesting and informative bio-

A bio is a summary of what your brand and page is all about. A short yet interesting and informative bio is important to make the first impression. Craft a bio that appeals to your Instagram followers. Make it professional and at the same time trendy to attract more followers.


Include link in bio-

Adding link to your product website in the bio helps direct a greater traffic to your website, where the customers could further participate in purchases.


Keep your Instagram organised and interesting


An Instagram page is way different than your real life shop or online shopping websites. The key to having a successful page is to make it appealing to your followers by keeping your page organised and posting interesting posts.


Promote your products with professional photos

Instagram is all about visuals. And to get the pictures write is what majorly makes the success of your page big. To show off your brand’s aesthetics is an absolute necessity if you want more followers.

Ditch your phone and switch to a professional camera for creatively curated pictures. From your colour theme to background, all needs to be well thought of. High definition engaging posts is your mantra.


Keep the captions informative and trendy

Instagram is an online marketplace that directs traffic that turns in sales. Also which has a huge potential. Apart from your brand’s aesthetics, it's necessary that your captions be clear to your followers for easier and higher sales. Write active and inviting captions that catch up to the latest season trends and keep your followers interested.


Size and resize

Sizing and resizing your pictures to fit to Instagram preset square settings is important to make your page look great. Avoid pictures that don't fit the size or need to be cropped by losing out on the quality of the picture. Resize your pictures by using apps like ‘Instasize’ and the fit the frame. Follow a similar pattern for all your posts and play with colours and pattern.


Editing tools

Use Instagram tools to edit and sharpen your pictures to the right tones to follow the pattern of your page. You may even use apps outside Instagram to achieve the right editing for your posts. Like we said, it's all about the visuals.


Reach out to a bigger audience


Once you have created a page with the perfect posts for your brand promotion, you need to reach out to as many people and gain followers.


Hashtag# your posts

Research and include relevant and trending hashtags to your posts to widen discoverability of your products. Brainstorm for hashtags that best explain your product. Also use Instagram’s suggestions for most used hashtags for your posts.

Create your own hashtags that can be repeatedly used for your brand.


Don't hard sell your products

The aesthetics of your posts speak about how great your products are without you shouting out loud. Avoid hard selling and over praise of your own products. Avoid being pushy and let customers get influenced with your creative pictures.


Shoutouts and follows

To follow an audience of people who may seem interested in your products (depending on their bio) is one of the most common way to gain followers. Following more and more accounts and letting them follow your page in return certainly creates a bigger audience.

Respond to shout outs and followers even though it may seem like a time consuming task. Do not let the conversations be one sided. Reply to comments and thank followers for mentions and shout outs.



Take your discoverability to the next level by sponsoring your page or paying for shout outs but popular and relevant accounts.


Growth and maintenance


Once you have a running successful page, it's important to grow and expand your business and reach.


Schedule posting around busy times

Scheduling your posts around the highest social media traffic time according to your time zone is just as important as anything else to reach to maximum audience.


Pay attention to your popular posts

Keep a track of posts most liked by your followers and learn the trend that is most in demand. Follow the same trend to get more reach.


With everything given above taken care of, we’re sure you'd make it far. Good luck!


Megha Dadarwal
22, Dentist, passionate yogi who loves dogs and beaches.

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