De-cluttering your Smart Phone - The Easy way!

Last updated 21 Oct 2015 . 2 min read

Over the years, smart phones have slowly become a way of life for us. We use it do an endless list of tasks, both for professional and personal purposes. But in order to do so, we store so much information and so many apps on our devices that it can lead to major cluttering. This may cause the phone to slow down, lose battery power faster, etc.

Here’s what you can do to declutter your phone.

Be Selective

If you use apps to book cabs to commute regularly, it might make sense to not have all the cab booking apps like Ola, Uber, Dial-an-Auto installed on your phone. Try out 2-3 services before sticking with one service and thereby one app.

Save Pictures and Videos on Drives

Cloud computing is today’s big thing. You can easily sync your camera gallery to a cloud network. It will be easier to save hundreds of images and videos there while deleting them from your phone or external card storage.

Multi-purpose Apps help

If you have a lot of work related information stored on your phone, save space when it comes to apps. It takes up more space to have many apps that do one task each. Opt for multi-purpose apps that help you access more services / products at once. For instance, BufferApp helps you access multiple social accounts together.

The Cupboard Rule

We all have that one outfit that we can’t quite get rid of because we think “we may wear it again”. Do you have apps that you haven’t used in over a year? Maybe it’s time to delete them and declutter your phone. Stick to having apps you will use regularly if not daily.

Apps that help you De-clutter

What can help is an app that helps you declutter. Get onto the Google Play Store or App Store and browse apps that help keep your phone clean and clutter free. These apps help boost power, compress large data, clear cache, run regular scans, etc. Apps like “Clean Master” can be useful.

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