Crazy Things People Said At Interviews And Got The Job

Published on 14 Apr 2016 . 4 min read

We give our 100% to an interview, we work hard for it and still sometimes things don’t happen the way you wanted them to. But there are those lucky ones who say things they should not in an interview but still manage to get the job

Here are some of real life incidents….

A candidate was giving an interview for his first job after college. He had done his internship in a big pharmaceutical company which was about to launch a program that none of the competitors in the Industry had.

When the interviewer came to know about the details of his Internship company, he simply asked him, “Why didn’t you join that Company?”

The answer of the Interviewee was plain and simple “I have no idea. But if I did know, I wouldn't be here interviewing for your program but rather there, working on it. And, they'd be paying me big bucks to do it."

“He said no to the job”

In another interesting incident, a candidate clearly said no to the job offer, just because he found that the specifications mentioned in the JD were bit confusing and not matching the position. The strange part was that the interviewer was himself not aware of the 5 points given in the job description.

When this candidate disclosed the issue with the Head - Recruitment, he responded in a polite manner that it was a new role and that is why they mentioned a wide range of skills.

As it was a new role and he was the only person to figure out the conflict in job specification and job title, the company hired him

“She had other aspirations”

A young girl with just 2 years work experience came for an interview for a Research Profile in a start-up.

When you are a team of 10 or 20 and you need to be able to do the work of 30 people, that is what a start-up culture is.

The interviewer asked her what is one thing that you aspire to do right now instead of a 9-5 corporate job. She instantly, cheerfully and bluntly said, “I aspire to be an Officer”.

When an interviewer finds out that you are not really interested in the job and you are just here to meet your needs, trust me you yourself feel at that time - why the hell did you say that.

But life is interesting and so are the opportunities you get at one point or the other. The interviewer liked the way she put out her heart and gave an honest answer. She was selected.

“I think what I think”

It was a 1-hour long interview for the mid-level profile at a BPO. The candidate was really wondering, “are they hiring me for a CEO level position?” After a long list of questions and answers, the interviewer then asked, “what is your biggest weakness?”

The interviewee said, “Honesty”

Interviewer: “I think Honesty can’t be a weakness, it’s a way of living”

Interviewee: “I don’t give a *** to what you think. I know that it’s my weakness and people take advantage of that.”

Interviewer: “Ok, when can we expect you to join?”

“The employer was actually desperate to hire someone with such good skill sets” …….

“Only men apply”

In a time period where we as SHEROES are promoting gender neutrality, there are certain instances where the employer asks for 'men only' or 'women only' apply - kind of jobs. One such example is: Front Office Executive Position - it could be both men and women. The only criteria should be that he/should have the skill sets matching the position.

In one such incident, for a factory setup job, there was requirement for "Men only." There was this one lady who did not like the idea of hiring only men when women can also perform duties on par with men. She wrote a letter to the management and asked them to list any one job responsibility that women can’t do.

The management was speechless and they called her for the interview.

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Crazy Things People Said At Interviews And Got The Job14April
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