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Last updated 26 Sep 2016 . 3 min read

Hello SHEROES Community Members!! Put on your seat belt and get ready for a roller coaster ride. Take a giant leap in your career and life with our new platform, CONNECT, your one stop shop for all conversations on SHEROES.

Why did we launch the platform?

The motivation behind launching Connect was to take all community conversations online. Until now, the SHEROES community members would interact only at SHEROES Events and Community Meets. By taking those conversations online, the interaction is not limited to just a few members. Now get talking with the entire community at your convenience.

Also, a lot of community members wrote to us that they want to grow their network via the platform. Here’s what we propose- CONNECT with community as much as you want to and network as much as you can.

What can a SHEROES community member do on Connect?

Although the uses of Connect are only limited to the number of ways in which the members want to use it, here are the top 5 things where we think Connect can help you with-

Networking- Connect is your go-to platform networking within the SHEROES community. Members, businesses, mentors, bloggers and students can post their updates on Connect and start interactions.

Career Guidance- Post your career queries on Connect and your peers and mentors will comment to help.

Showcasing Your Products/ Services- Connect is a brilliant platform to market yourself. Let the world know the awesomeness you create.

Explore possibilities- Let the community know what resources you are seeking and invite potential partners.

Share what you like-  Share anything that you liked on Connect and invite other members to comment what they think. Get the conversations going.

Contact Us if you need anything. Happy Connecting!!



Gagan Mahajan

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