Companies That Make “Coming Back-To-Work” Easier

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Lots of women who want to "return to work" after their maternity break have various questions. One of the first ones revolve around where to apply.

To help all those mothers who want to resume work, maybe it will help to start by reading about a few companies; to check what their policies are and what measures they take to welcome women post their maternity break,


Program name is "Second Career Internship program", it is a 500 hour engagement program, spread over 6 months on a flexi-time based model. TATA managers  will function as Mentor-Guides till the end of the project.

Who can participate:

Currently the Second Career Initiative is for women professionals who have worked for a minimum of two continuous years in any of the domains, prior to taking a career break of 6 months or more. Click here to know about the program.

Axis Bank

Program name is "Reconnect", under  this program women candidates are sought for branch roles such as FDO, RM, Branch Head, Branch Operations Head. Grades that can be offered to women joining under this initiative range from Assistant Manager to Senior Manager.

This program is open for Axis Bank's Women Alumni who:  a.) Have completed a minimum of two years ( 24 months) of full-time employment with Axis Bank. b) Have a minimum gap of ONE year from the date of being relieved from the Bank.  C) Have an overall satisfactory performance level on a cumulative basis during the entire tenure in Axis Bank.  d) Break from work (if any) should not be more than 5 years from the date of leaving the last organization.

Axis Bank has created an Axis Reconnect team to ensure a timely and transparent selection process. All applicants to Axis Reconnect Program are required to register online along with their CV. They have to upload a soft copy of their CV when they fill the form. The short listing process is a telephonic discussion and a personal interview with the Axis Bank selection panel. The shortlisted candidates need to meet the entire pre-recruitment process requirement of medical check up and fitness criterion, satisfactory reference check and background verification. Click here to know more about it.


For capgemini, women who are currently not employed can apply to jobs that are relevant to their work experience. A minimum experience of 3 years is essential.

Candidates’ resume is evaluated against parameters such as technological skills and roles and responsibilities handled in their previous organization. Suitable candidates are then contacted by the Capgemini Recruitment team to participate in multiple rounds of technical and managerial interviews.


Program name - "Career 2.0",

Who are eligible?

Women with previous professional experience of at least two years, who have taken a continuous career break of 6 months or more, and have relevant experience in Manufacturing/Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Architecture & Interior Design, Legal and Audit, Finance and Accounting, Strategy/General Management. After an initial screening, they schedule a telephonic interview, followed by a meeting at the Godrej campus in Mumbai. Click here to read more about it.


Program name - Maternity Returners Program / Accenture Women's Network. Women employees returning to work after a sabbatical or maternity leave are eligible to apply. Click here to know more about it.


Name of program - Career By Choice. Projects are offered across various functions like Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Research and Development. The programme aims at providing opportunities to women with more than 2 years of relevant experience to work on live business projects ranging from 6 months to 1 year.

Who are eligible?

A woman on a career break and who has had a minimum of two years experience in areas of Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain or Research and Development and are looking for an opportunity to work flexibly. Click here to read more about it.


Name of the Program - "Bring her Back"• As a new IBMer, they will be inducted into a special orientation and up-skilling programme. They will be mentored by senior business leaders to succeed at IBM. Training is given on technical and soft skills up gradation. Any woman professional with the requisite skill-set can apply. The Program enables female alumni to continue to work on projects at IBM.Positions are mainly filled through employee referrals.

SAP  Labs

Stay in Touch / Run Mummier – Special caring for expecting and returning mothers. The company tries to stay engaged with the employee through a single point of contact called ‘Amico’ (buddy).  Women who have themselves experienced career breaks for personal reasons are chosen to play the role of a "buddy", who stay in touch with the absent employees, update them on new developments at the workplace and address their concerns.


Women employees who have quit in the last 18 months. Their internal research shows that about 50% of the exits post maternity happen within a year of the mother’s return from her maternity leave. To minimize such exits, they launched the Run Mummier program to help women employees from the time they go on maternity leave to 6 months after their return to work. This program helps employees on maternity leave experience a smooth transition when they return to work. This program helps them to: •Combine work and motherhood with ease •Re-integrate into the company •Boost ones image as a professional. •Establish a work life balance.

Google India

Program name is "gcareer".


Women professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who have been out of the workforce for one year or more. The program is designed for professionals to be a part of ongoing projects and to contribute directly to these live projects.


Program name - Back in Game(BIG).


Applicants who are eager to return to a career post a break in their employment (due to life cycle stage or any other reasons like maternity leave) Applicants who pose the maturity and self-confidence to work with colleagues across levels Customer-focus, communication skills and a service oriented approach, seasoned professionals with Masters in Business Management (or equivalent professional degree) from a premier school. Applicants who have at least 3 to 6 years of relevant experience in a specific domain can apply.

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