Childless Women ‘Least Understanding’, Feel Working Mothers

Last updated 26 Jun 2014 . 2 min read

Majority of Women Dread Asking for Flexible Work Options

Can a working woman be another working woman’s worst enemy? A recent Australian survey has found that a working mum may face the most opposition from the childless female colleague or manager who resents her need for flexible working hours. The survey also revealed that mothers said male co-workers were more understanding of parenting issues that had an impact on work. As many as 67 per cent of the 1,000 women surveyed said they dreaded asking for more flexible working conditions, believing that it would negatively affect career prospects.

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Firms Must Tackle Downsides of Remote Working

Telecommuting may seem like a win-win situation for all, but an Australian researcher has warned that it may have a negative impact on colleagues at the workplace. Yvette Blount, of Macquarie University’s Faculty of Business and Economics, increased productivity of the work-from-homer may not necessarily translate to the rest of the team. Managing remote teams, communicating with flexible workers and tackling overburdened staff in the office are other issues that come up. She suggested that organisations ready a business case before adopting teleworking, and ensure that the practice is monitored, measured and properly evaluated.

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Flexibility, Adaptability Key to Success at Workplace

The workplace is constantly evolving today, and employees must ensure that they keep pace with the evolution by sharpening and adding to their skill sets. What do women feel about skills that are key to their success? According to a study by Randstad US, women believe that flexibility and adaptability are the two top skills they need to succeed at the workplace. Other talents seen as essential are knowledge of technology and teamwork.

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