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Chef, Yogi And Mommy: Divya Nichani, Founder PurawVida, Shares Her Story

POSTED ON 11 Jan 2017
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Full time mom and and a full time entrepreneur. Yes, you heard that right. Today we have with us Divya Nichani, founder PurawVida. PurawVida is living a simple, peaceful and an uncluttered life with deep appreciation and gratification for nature. PurawVida offers deep transformation through raw vegan practices, Iyengar based yoga and a back to basic lifestyle.

A mother of an 8 year old, Divya wears many hats. Divya is a yoga teacher, a Raw Vegan Associate Chef from the world's premier Raw Culinary School - Living Light, in California and runs Bangalore’s first vegan catering initiative. Divya regularly collaborates with India’s leading hotels and food brands to bring gourmet vegan food to patrons. She is a columnist on health and nutrition with Bangalore Weekly.

Here’s a snapshot of her story!


My journey has been rather simple and YOGA is the only principle I believe in. Yoga is not just a series of exercises (asanas) that help have a better body, yoga means union and a deep union of the mind, body and soul. Born and raised in Bangalore, I was first trained in yoga by my mother and then all my teachers - HS Arun, Yana Lewis and the most special guruji B.K.S. Iyengar in Yoga.

My entire life revolves around the understanding that union and harmony with self is the basis for harmony with the world.

Yoga a way of life

I have been practicing yoga since I was 7 years old. However, I realised it was my calling only when I got married. For me, knowing yoga and imparting that knowledge to your loved ones was so rewarding. I knew I had come home to my purpose in this lifetime.

I don’t see yoga as passion or work. It’s very seamless for me. It’s something I love. Some may call it a profession, I call it living.

Inspiration behind PurawVida

Let me start by telling you what PurawVida means – it’s spanish for “living the pure life.” I’m a practicing raw vegan and I undertsand that to a great degree we are what we eat. Also as a Yogi, I know my practice is further enhanced by what I eat. Hence, I choose to eat the pure food and introduce others to it as well. This is why I began this company PurawVida where all the food is made of raw and organic ingredients.

Effects of a vegan lifestyle on health and well being

Food is the basis of life. We get our energy from the food we eat, so eating healthy food will ensure that you feel lighter and more energized. Your focus is much better and hence, productivity increases.

Being a woman 

The leading people in any profession are usually male, yoga and culinary institutes share the same notion. I have had to face that slight underlying difference wherever I went. Also, being a mom has its responsibilities, juggling various fronts was a challenge. But, because of support from family these were tiny pebbles in my chosen field.

Strategies to grow the business

I am still of the orthodox belief system that word of mouth is the best form of publicity and marketing and I truly let my work speak for itself. I have had my hands full because of constant recommendations from my students and clients. I let my work and my products do the talking.

When faced with a challegenge, just go with the flow

The approach may be conventional,  but this is truly what I do -  I surrender and let go. This calmness also comes with the practice of yoga.

On kickstarting a healthier 2017!

1. Do not make resolutions at all…90% of the time they never work.

2. Add just 10 mins of meditation to your daily schedule.

3. Once a week try and fast. It helps create discipline as well.

4. Sleep well, its very important for overall well being.

5. And finally follow me on youtube and watch the tips and pointers for Pure Living.

Keep smiling, be happy and stay blessed.


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