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Can We Talk About Something More Pleasant

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I picked up this book from someone's goodreads recommendation and I am so glad I did. A lot of us are a time when we are dealing with ageing parents and the thoughts about their care. I often wonder about mine living so far away in Delhi while Naren's mom and almost 90 year old granny lives with us here. Being a primary care giver is not easy, yet it is something one wants to do. How does one deal with so many emotions that come surfacing at that time, resentment and guilt included. 

This book is a graphic memoir of Roz Chast's ageing parents final years through cartoons, family photos, and documents that reflect how she struggled and dealt with caregiver challenges. 

How many of you are a primary care giver to a loved one? If you have a story about this and want to share – email [email protected]

Via Monika Manchanda – reposted with permission

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