Why We Need Communities To Thrive, Survive and Change The World?

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building communities changing world building communities changing world

Community is important, even Facebook agrees, case in point the community video that pops up on your screen every other week? Man cannot live in isolation and we have seen umpteen examples of small but significant movements in the community space across the world. There is a large unsung group of do-gooders who revel in the community spirit. As the world increasingly turns into a global village due to the advent of electronic media, we can join and contribute in our own small way to enhance the spirit of social enterprise.

Importance of Communities in Today’s World

We are not born to thrive in isolation. There are ample examples that show us that it is only when people come together as a community that actual change and development happens. There are communities that are as ancient as time, even the hunter-gatherers functioned as a social group.

History shows us that upheavals and social change have been initiated by a single person but with gathering momentum they turned into harbingers of community living.

Take the Chipko movement for instance. Uttarakhand was the cradle of this movement where tribal women came forward to embrace trees and stage a non-violent protest in 1973 against deforestation. It soon became a symbol of Satyagraha where not only the fires of Eco-socialism but also Eco-feminism were fanned and nurtured to start a series of worldwide protests to safeguard the environment.

Change can be initiated by one person

A small step can jump-start a movement that changes the lives of many. Change is a way of life and communities bring about just that. The spirit of community is alive in a shady by-lane in Oshiwara, Mumbai and the heart-warming story of a lone woman who created a community fridge that now involves the activity of the entire neighborhood and feeds up to 300 odd people on any given day.

Preeti Khurana, an entrepreneur heard of a similar community and decided to start the community that can help mitigate hunger and also avoid wastage of food in her area. The Fridge was set up by her in May 2018 and the movement soon gathered steam. The fridge is maintained by the Morya Classic Society residents, who also provide for the electricity that runs the machine.

A group of dedicated community members sources food from local restaurants. The food finds its way to hungry stomachs and warm hearts through the community fridge. The local residents pitch in with snacks, fruits, and beverages and do their bit to strengthen the initiative.

Online Communities

Online communities have brought about a further evolution in the way communities are formed and function. The advent of social media and the expression of public sentiment on a larger domain has made the gathering of like-minded people easier and stronger. Some communities are formed to support a passing issue. Some are formed to keep religious, spiritual and social mores alive. Whatever the motivation, the spirit of oneness is the stimulus to spark a movement.

Student communities bringing about Change

We have seen University students starting movements like ‘Hok Kolorob” in the recent past. The term literally means ‘Let there be polyphony”. The students of Jadavpur University in Kolkata had formed the community to protest against the alleged case of student molestation. They stood strong in the face of police atrocities and stern action by the University administration. The fight for a common cause- the modesty of a fellow student tied them together with a fervor that continues even today.

The peaceful movement gathered steam and soon spread to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Chennai and Bengaluru. Over 1,00,000 students collectively used social media, culturally rich songs, and dances, internet activism to coordinate marches and protest. This was a first in the history of India.

Why Communities Exist?


Communities exist because there is a need for collaboration. Communities exist because people need other people. They have existed since the advent of social living and will continue to shape the fabric of society for generations to come.

Communities come into being when there is a perceived need for change or survival. There is a burning need that sparks a protest against the way we function. An initiative is made and this soon snowballs into a sustainable and zealous movement that serves to create lasting empowerment in the social framework. Embrace the community ideals and make life just a little more fulfilling, a little more worth living. Leave behind a world that the next generation can appreciate. Celebrate the flavor of togetherness in a community.

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