Building a Strong Network at the Start of a Career

Published on 12 Jan 2015 . 3 min read

You may be 21 and fresh out of college or you may be in your mid-twenties or thirties and in the process of starting a new career. Either way, when you enter your new workplace – don’t focus on what to wear to your first day at the job as much as how to get ahead! Yes, of course – presentation counts, go well dressed! But, when you start your new role at a new organisation or career, focus on understanding what your job involves and learning how to do it well. Along with that, talk to your colleagues, be it your juniors (if any) and your seniors to build yourself a strong network.

Importance of a Good Network

As a fresher or someone with relevant work experience entering a new line of work, those few passing statements and lines from your senior colleagues will help you get ahead. If you build a good connect with your colleagues, you will constantly have a support system at work. You won’t feel the need to shy away from questions about methods and procedures you are unaware of if you get to the point of having a comfortable level of interaction with the people around you.

Why is it important to have a good network at the workplace? Simply because, you never know when these same people will come to your aid! You may want to start your own company in a few years or for that matter, you may want to change your job in a few years. If you have a cordial and friendly relationship with the people you work with, through word of mouth, your future plans or aims can easily fall into place. This is a world where references help. Who knows, one of your colleagues may end up being the saviour giving you the required guidance to get where you want to be professionally in the coming years!

How do you Build a Good Network?

Step 1 - Talk. Communicate. Don’t restrict yourself only to the people you work with.

Step 2 - When you are sent for meetings, create a comfortable level of interaction with the clients, partners etc of the company you work for. Well, you do need to follow ethics and be a thorough professional. You can’t be too friendly with either of the clients or partners. But if you put your best foot forward, years later, these same people will remember you and maybe be the ones who help you with your future business plans or career goals!

Step 3 - Don’t be the kind of colleague who puts people down! Be the kind who lifts their colleagues up! When in a crisis situation at the workplace, refrain from pointing fingers. Try to be the mature one who finds the solution without getting anyone in trouble. This is what will take you far and also a step that will help you win hearts at the workplace.

Step 4 – Save contact details and send wishes on important dates! If you know a client has a birthday coming up, send a quick email wishing them! Do the same with your colleagues! These small steps will take you a long way in the world of business!

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