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Last updated 3 Jan 2017 . 3 min read

Pradeep Chopra, CEO Digital Vidya in conversation with SHEROES. He throws light on digital media and how it can work for women. Read on  

How can one pursue a career in digital media marketing? Does one need any specific qualifications?

With over 25% annual growth, Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries today. There’s an ever-increasing need of talented people in the industry for different kinds of jobs starting from executive level to head of Digital Marketing. There are two kinds of companies one can join for Digital Marketing: agency and brand.

Anyone who has good communication skills can build a career in this industry. While large corporations prefer MBAs for Digital Marketing jobs, a non-graduate is also welcomed in this industry. In addition to communication skills, strong analytical skills and passion for Internet are desired from a candidate who’s interested in Digital Marketing jobs.

What kind of skill-set is required in digital media marketing? 

As shared above, depending upon the level of position, different kinds of skills are desired from a digital marketing candidate. At an entry level, basic understanding of digital marketing along with great communication skills is key requirement. However, for senior positions such as Social Media community manager, experience across relevant Social Media channels will be mandatory. Certifications such as CSMMP are preferred by agencies as well as brands that actively hire Digital Marketing talent. 

Why has it become necessary for businesses to have a digital strategy?
Today for most of the businesses, Digital Marketing is no more an option, as their customers are present on Digital Media. For them to reach out to their customers, efficient Digital Marketing strategy is critical.

What are the challenges one might face in digital marketing?

For an organization that’s new to Digital Marketing, their team’s understanding of the medium and ability to hire right talent are critical to their success as Digital Media is highly dynamic in nature. At times, their previous experience of conventional marketing comes in their way to successfully leverage Digital.

What are the companies hiring digital media marketers?

There are 2 kinds of companies that are hiring Digital Marketers: agencies, who serve their clients and organizations who are interested in Digital Marketers to manage their own Digital Marketing campaigns.

Can digital marketing be a good option for women after a career-break? How?

Absolutely Yes! Given the flexibility of timings and location, Digital Marketing is a great industry for women to build rewarding career. To share with you, around 30% of participants of our Digital Marketing Master Certification course are women. 

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