Bounce Back To Life By Becoming #MonicaClean

Last updated 12 Dec 2016 . 2 min read



Monica Geller gave us cleanliness goals a decade ago in #FRIENDS. Our beloved Mon became a butt of jokes, because of her incisive organisational skills, and of course her obsessive nature.

But, guess what? It was because of this “obsessive nature” that Joey could walk in anytime of the day and night, to fish out food from her well-stocked fridge.

Remember the time how disappointed was Rachel, when they lost to Chandler and Joey in the episode of “The One Where The Girls Lose The Apartment.” Rachel  refused to leave Monica’s apartment, because it was clean.



And who can forget the legendary Thanksgiving dinners at Mon’s place, where she cooks up a hearty meal for her friends and their guests too.


So, in a nutshell, being clean, organized, and decluttering your life from time to time, will not only make your life easy but increase your efficiency too. Remember how super efficient the Geller chick was!



Moral of the story: Keep throwing out unnecessary stuff from your closet, drawers, tackle your digital channels, clear your mail, etc. Basically devote a small amount of time for clearing up the pile that’s been mounting on your desks, bedside table, online files, and many other places. These handy tips on how to declutter your life and reduce stress should help you to get started with your decluttering mission.


Just don’t go ballistic!



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