Books That Love To Travel With You

Published on 20 Feb 2017 . 3 min read

The best time to read guilt-free is while travelling. A long commute to the office whether in a cab or train/metro is an ideal time to catch up on your reading. The options range from quick short stories to novellas and fast, fun novels across different genres.

A book has always been my favourite travel accessory since it is light to carry, doesn’t disturb anyone and is a great conversation starter. Many books have been read on overnight journeys when I was unable to sleep in a rocking train or a noisy aeroplane. E-books are equally good, especially with new bestsellers available at great deals online currently.

A few books that have garnered a lot of attention recently along with an app that is changing the way India reads are given below. Go ahead and take your pick.


Misha, a makeup artist with a dysfunctional family falls madly in love with Akshay, the scion of a wealthy business family. This fast-paced, peppy read covers cultural differences, divorce, familial expectations and love. The fresh voice of the author perfectly mirrors our successful, driven youth of today. Plus, it has good makeup tips!


This has been shortlisted for Amazon’s best reads for February 2017. It is a candid memoir about living in the media glare, high expectations and the pressure a woman faces while she juggles both life and family. It talks about how being famous doesn’t mean it is easy to succeed in life.  


This one is a romance between a woman who has no memory of her life and a man from her past who refuses to give up on her and their love; a love she refuses to believe in. A vengeful ex-husband and unhappy parents add to the troubled mix.



    This is a a reading app with the latest reads relevant to India and what drives it, peppered with genres that are usually ignored. It is a good place to pickup quick reads with lots of short story options. The books range from personal memoirs, coming of age stories to sweet romances.

    A story for every taste, which of these have you read? Which would you like to pick for your next commute?

    Written by 
    Inderpreet Kaur Uppal



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