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Last updated 24 Nov 2016 . 3 min read

I was on a call, when Anu walked into the office with a copy of her new book ‘Mamma ki Diary’. She wanted to meet Sairee and discuss a few things. After the call, I joined them. The first look and I was captivated by this book, which was in her hand and even more so by its’ title.

I later figured, that Anu wanted us to do a book review of 'Mamma Ki Diary' on SHEROES. I happily volunteered for the task and got hold of the book – Mamma ki Diary.

The same day on my way back home, I started reading. There was an instant connect. While reading I completely understood what she was talking about. Maybe, because I am at the same life stage and facing similar dilemmas. Maybe, because my friends who are new mums talk about similar things. And because I could see that somewhere she was talking about my mamma too.

I was talking to a friend, who is a new mum. While sharing her mommy experience she also shared that while you will be surrounded by many people, you will still feel you are alone. There would be many sharing as to what an experience this is, none would share the problems and what they did to overcome it. You will be clueless. Her story seemed like a part of ‘Mamma ki Diary’.

 ‘Mamma ki Diary’ is not just a book. It’s a peek into a career woman, a wife, a would-be-mum, a new mum, a grand mum’s life, her thoughts, her doubts and what makes her HER!  This begins when she marries someone and steps into the next phase of her life. There are various life changing moments – from being an independent person to being someone’s wife, someone’s mother and in the process, somewhere, losing herself.

Many of us give up our dreams, lose hope and many don’t. Some of us see them through our children. Mamma ki Diary talks about such dreams and how somebody who cannot let go of such dreams tries to find clues from stories of others and how they did it.

Mamma ki Diary’ talks about how we grow up while bringing up our kids, how we learn, while teaching those ways of life. Mamma ki Diary shares what we could have found in our mum’s diary. It brings us face to face with her thoughts, her feelings, and her dilemmas.

Mum teaches us to be who we are. She lives through us, a lot of times for us. She holds back a lot of things, shares them in her diary - Mamma ki Diary. Only when we peek into it, we get to know her.

Smriti Middha
Marketing and strategy professional helping brands leverage the new media to meet their business objectives. I help build brand communities, nurture them and take care of their social communications. A travel enthusiast, I also run a monthly travel ezine - Travel Chronicles

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