70-yr old Ayesha Ariff’s Love Story Has A Powerful Message For Us All!

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ayesha ariff love story powerful message ayesha ariff love story powerful message

Today I am taking you to meet one of the most senior SHEROES  members and one of the top winners at #MahimaDebates. Ayesha Ariff from Kolkata has been an inspiration to many not just through the responses in the debates, but also because of her firebrand motivational posts like these! Check it out...

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So let's headstart a direct conversation with Ayesha through our ongoing #MeetTheSheroes Series.

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"My name is Ayesha Ariff and I am in my 70s," informs Ayesha Ariff. And even before you ask her more, she quickly and very fondly starts talking about her inter-religion love marriage that took place more than 50 years back!

ayesha as a singer

"I was born in a well-disciplined Bengali (Hindu) family, I always had been an average but curious student, who always asked questions to know and learn things. My father wanted me to get the best form of education and also chase my passion. I was a trained singer and also got a chance to sing in a Bengali film of that era. In short, I had a very modern upbringing as compared to today's time. In the due course of life I met my husband MC Ariff, who belonged to a different religion. We became good friends and one day he proposed to me." 

ayesha and husband

Indeed a brave step to choose a culturally very different family to step in. Ayesha informs that her family wasn't supportive of her wedding, but came around a few years post marriage. She refrains from talking about the unhappy moments and prefers to share happy things, especially about her husband and her in-laws' family.  Ayesha recalls, "I stepped into my new home with trembling legs, I won't deny that Mahima. But what I met there was truly overwhelming. My mother-in-law was a gem of a person; she loved me no less than my mother. If sometimes I would miss my family she would suggest to call them over or pay a visit to them. She helped me know my husband inside and out and helped establish the greatest of bonds with him," Ayesha details. 

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"We all would celebrate Durga Puja and Eid alike in Kolkata. That's how we have raised our children too. And that's what everyone must do!" Ayesha, who adopted her husband's religion to marry him, strongly asserts about harmony, peace, and secularism. 

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She adds that come what may, we as the elder generation have to mend ways what may be going wrong. "My humble request to the society is that it is never too late to sow the seeds of humanity. Our younger ones follow what they see us doing. So be an example, be it to students, to children or even your neighbor," asserts Ayesha. 

She informs that she has three children, of which Shirin Ariff is also a SHEROES member. "It is me who got her to SHEROES. Today, Shirin is a best-selling and famous Author plus a known Life Coach. And she and I, both have fun at SHEROES. I can't talk on her behalf. As far as I am concerned, I found myself as an appreciated writer at SHEROES, that I never could even dream before. Actually, to me, SHEROES is a progressive network, where you can learn about things that don't interest you. It has various communities that either build your interest in a not-known-before subject or share things of your interests. A safe space for women to interact and gain knowledge, too. We aren't judged here. We are accepted as who we are," Ayesha details very fondly. 

She further details,"The Aspiring Writers Community, is where I casually just started writing short stories, etc. As and when I began getting a few 'Likes', it encouraged me to pen more. And then I advanced to pen short stories and poems. I also began participating in some debates as well as #MahimaDebates. My efforts were appreciated and my written stories were ranked as "Top Post" adding more courage to my writing power. And this is how I explored the writer's side of my persona! It is SHEROES that recognized my talents beyond only being a senior woman. I am only AYESHA here. And this is what inspired me to motivate others. That's how I brought my daughter to SHEROES and few others too because they must also not miss this great motivational place." Ayesha also loves to do a lot of photography, especially the one that showcases her kitchen garden. Check out this post...

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"You know Mahima, I gave up my career as a singer when I was six months pregnant with Shirin. I gave up not only because the doctor suggested, but also at the advice of my husband that our children would need a mother's care more than a nanny's. I have had a blessed life. And that's why I have always encouraged Shirin to restart life. She is a single mother of four, doing great in her career now. But when her children settle down in their own lives, I don't want her to be lonely. And thus, for now, I have brought her to SHEROES. It is such a lovely space where we are never alone!" Informs Ayesha, the mother...who wants the best for her daughter. 


She is forever hopeful, she asserts despite having lost her mansion-like home to a massive fire. Ayesha claims, "Mahima, we tried our best to save our nest, but then fire left nothing. We had to leave our home....this incident burnt and destroyed many of our sweet memories and not just valuable. But I thank God that none of us were harmed in the incident. We are endlessly grateful to the Almighty and have learned to let go of the past. We are alive, that's the biggest boon." I listen to Ayesha in rapt attention. All through the chat, she has only been counting her blessings. A big thing to learn from her...

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Ayesha Ariff wraps the interview with a very simple, yet very strong message to everyone:

"I believe that when JOY can't be an everlasting thing, then how can SORROW be? Don't worry. Keep calm. Don't overthink to exhaust yourself. Be patient to fight away negative thinking. Invite & welcome all positive powers in life. Above all practice self- belief; always remember only you can brighten up your life."

You can follow Ayesha Ariff here.

Ayesha Ariff has recently been blessed with another grandchild. So, don't forget to pour some best wishes to her in the comments. And do share her story in your circle, because 'Sharing means Caring!' 

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