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At The #SHEROESSummit In New Delhi Today

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Catch the latest on what's happening at The #SHEROESSummit in New Delhi today! Follow us on Twitter for live updates! Here are some interesting quotes, tweets and takeaways!


What a lovely tweet to read! #SHEROESSummit https://t.co/VN0vMNcVU8

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) 10 August 2016

At the #SHEROESSummit in New Delhi, such an inspiring buzz about women and work. @Sairee stunning in an @ochre_sky pic.twitter.com/1nJUYGhDLN

— Natasha ????? (@natashabadhwar) 10 August 2016

How to deal with pressure? Don't let your own expectations ruin your success. @Radhikaaggarwal #SHEROESSummit pic.twitter.com/VQABeuwiUf

— SheThePeople (@SheThePeopleTV) 10 August 2016

Panel discussing future of work - @prukalpa @righthalf @BeeRowlatt @varunkhaitan @MasalaBai #SHEROESSummit pic.twitter.com/1ZTOFPNco0

— Smita Mishra (@smita_qazone) 10 August 2016

E-commerce vs. Legacy businesses - an interesting chat going on. #SHEROESSummit @SHEROESIndia @MyLloydIndia @jaypore

— Shweta Sinha (@sam_shwet) 10 August 2016

We don't want to rock the boat;sometimes you just have to! Do what you really want to..Says @Radhikaaggarwal at #SHEROESSummit @SHEROESIndia

— Piyusha Vir (@PiyushaVir) 10 August 2016

Time is the new money .
Listening to the founder of @jaypore at #SHEROESSummit . When women entrepreneurs do well it paves way for so many!

— Chandni Moudgil (@chandnimoudgil) 10 August 2016

What am good at
What I love to do
What I get paid for
What can I contribute. #Igigai , a Japanese concept .
-@nithyashanti #SHEROESSummit

— Chandni Moudgil (@chandnimoudgil) 10 August 2016

Don't miss to checkout @MyLloydIndia products displayed at #SHEROESSummit pic.twitter.com/xMIEH191bO

— My Lloyd (@MyLloydIndia) 10 August 2016

Access ur inner strength, the outer world will restablize to protect you #SHEROESSummit @The_OSB

— Shreya Pilani (@shreyapilani) 10 August 2016

Word! Make this a life mantra and see the difference I have:) Learnings at #SHEROESSummit https://t.co/plLdqsFZQU

— Karuna John (@karunajohn) 10 August 2016

Flexible hours promote work life bank balance today #SHEROESSummit with @MyLloydIndia

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) 10 August 2016

Get married to yourself, to your work! Because I choose to love what I do, until i do what i love @nithyashanti @myLlyodindia @SHEROESIndia

— Saniya Sarguru (@sanyasarguru) 10 August 2016

technology is bringing the shift - one has to adapt the new ways of communication @righthalf #SHEROESSummit https://t.co/4gbMigxOyb

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) 10 August 2016

The lesson starts at home @righthalf #futureofwork #SHEROESSummit https://t.co/dHPVxpxQC5

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) 10 August 2016

We want people to be productive - we don't believe in work timings - @prukalpa #futureofwork #SHEROESSummit

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) 10 August 2016

The Shift is what we need - role reversal #SHEROESSummit https://t.co/riGzKYGNMN

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) 10 August 2016

Traditional roles are changing - gender roles are changing - the shift is happening @prukalpa #futureofwork #SHEROESSummit

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) 10 August 2016

There shouldn't be a scorecard between partners highlighting the sacrifices or accommodating the partners' career- @righthalf #SHEROESSummit

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) 10 August 2016

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