Are Women at Work Taking Care of Health?

Published on 14 Jul 2015 . 2 min read

A recent survey – Visualizing the Extent of Heart Disease in Indian Women (VEDNA), by a group of senior doctors, revealed that there has been a steep rise in the number of working women suffering from heart diseases across the country and the numbers will continue to rise in the coming years. According to the survey the increase in the number of women suffering from cardio vascular diseases is mainly due to change in lifestyle. 

In addition to putting up with the stress at work place women are also expected to be responsible for other things at home. Rima, a 35 year old quit her consulting job after 9 years after suffering from a cardiac attack. Her husband travels for work and there was no support or help at home. She has recovered but doctors have advised her not stress too much. After quitting Rima has been able to spend more time with the kids and take care of other things but the decision was very hard to make.

Doctors believe working women juggle between home and work responsibilities, they are more likely to get exposed to stress and unhealthy lifestyle and therefore, are more prone to cardiovascular diseases compared to women who are not working. 

SHEROES top company TrackMyBeat works with individuals to track their health and wellness parameters, and improve these parameters by triggering timely medical interventions and helping them make the right lifestyle choices. 

It is important for working women to take steps to reduce the risk of developing cardio vascular diseases. They must begin to pay closer attention to what and how they eat, as well as make sure there is time set aside for exercise several times a week. While it is impossible to avoid work stress, one can always find ways to minimize and contain it.     

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