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Apps to stay organized when you are on the go

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Do you miss appointments or struggle with staying organized? Thanks to the wonderful world of apps, you can stay structured and on top of everything. Here is a list of apps that will help you stay organized when on the go: 


The Basecamp app lets you check in on your projects from anywhere. Basecamp shows you the latest news on each project. You can jump in on a discussion and post your thoughts. You can also view progress as team members complete to-dos and upload files. Everything from your projects is available, so you can refer to a document or make a decision no matter where you are.


If you love lists or need to work on creating easy formats to organize your thoughts, the things you have to do, or even the movies you want to watch, then Wunderlist is for you. The app combines organization and productivity with the classic to-do list—all in a sleek package. Users can share lists with others and have conversations about them. It comes in handy when planning a family vacation or delegating someone to run out for milk.


You probably have more passwords than you can possibly keep track of mentally. That’s why a password manager like Dashlane can come in handy. This online tool, also available as an app for Android and iOS, stores your passwords for you, freeing your brain from the taxing job of remembering them. Dashlane is easy to use and free in either the web or mobile version, but syncing data between devices costs $20


If you are forgetful, then you need a virtual personal assistant that works like a second brain. 24me auto-generates reminders so you will never miss an important meeting or event, or forget to pay a bill. 24me combines your calendar, to-do lists and notes all in one easy to use, clutter free app. It syncs with other apps like Facebook to send messages to your friends on their birthday in case it slipped your mind, lets you share notes with coworkers or friends, and combines just about every part of your life into one package.

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