Apps every working woman should have in 2016

Published on 1 Jan 2016 . 2 min read

Welcome convenience this 2016 and boost your own productivity across all walks of lives with a selection of smart apps to install on your phone. Pick what works for you and step into the new year making convenience a priority!

Apps to help you commute

You may have your own car and driver or you may be one who is mostly dependent on public transport. Either way, every working woman should have at least 1 or 2 apps that help make commuting easier! There’s a lot to choose from – Ola Cabs, Uber top the list in most cities.

Apps that help you eat right!

We have all been raised with the belief that home cooked meals are the best. However, schedules are more hectic today. Apps that help you order take-out meals that are warm, healthy and fresh would do you good for those days you get done from work late! 

Apps that help you save data on cloud

It’s the 1st today. Download dropbox or any other cloud app that you can sync to automatically save your photos / videos or other important data. Keep your phone clutter free this year and back-up what you need regularly. Let’s never complain about missing data ever again.

Apps for utilities

One download is all it takes to forever click-to-order groceries! Apps like Grofers make life so much easier. You can choose from categories of utility items and grocery options and even pick the preferred time of delivery. This year, say no to ever being out of butter or bread!

Apps for home chore services

And then there’s the chores at home that you can’t leave out. This is the year to say no to stressful days when the driver is on leave or the maid absent from work. There are several apps that offer a plethora of home chore and daily assistance services at the click of a button. On some like Timesaverz, you can hire a temporary driver, book a full home cleaning service and even hire a plumber!

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