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Alumni Connect - Meet Alum Alpana Agate

POSTED ON 30 May 2016
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Alumi Connect

It was a busy day at work and no one seemed to have the time to even look up from their machines. Busy typing away and gurgling down cups and cups of coffee and tea. Targets had to be met, calls were taken and deliverables sent out.  A couple of people were visiting the office for various reasons and meetings were lined up. But there was going to be someone special visiting us today, one of our alum had come down to the city! We have always looked forward to such visits and moments.

Alpana Agate was on her way to meet us, all the way from Pune and we couldn’t have been more excited! The conversation with Ms. Agate was so inspiring and awesome that we’d love to share it with you all! Read on…..

Ms. Agate hails from Pune and has worked with multinational companies like Tata Consultancy Services and Datamatics. She is an IT professional with many years of work experience. Since the last couple of years, Ms. Agate has been handling home and work. She has two young kids and a very supportive husband and family. After almost ten years of break from her career, Alpana decided to go back to work.  

It was during this period that Alpana came across Fleximoms now known as Through our combined efforts, she found something again of her interest and resumed work. In this three month project, she learnt a lot both about work and people.

Today Alpana is pursuing a course and working as an intern for an organization called Technowrites, doing something she enjoys and looks forward to engaging with it each day.

Alpana is an inspiration for many, she is steadily working her way back and there is just so much to learn and absorb from her. A mere fifteen minutes with her taught us so much!

Kudos to you! 

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