Alka, Passionate Poet, Gardener, Mom, You Live On In Our Hearts Forever

Last updated 13 Oct 2021 . 1 min read

Rest in Peace, Alka Rest in Peace, Alka

Beloved SHEROES member Alka recently passed away. But her digital legacy, continues to inspire and touch our community members, everyday.


It was the summer of 2018. The annual SHEROES Summit ended on a high note, and the inspiring poetry of Alka Goenka, a community member living in Nepal, resonated with hundreds of community members in the room.



Alka, an early member of the SHEROES platform was a loving mom, wife, homemaker, organic farmer, Marathi mulgi living with her family in Nepal. An early adapter of the SHEROES app, she found her happy space, to express herself and tell stories.



Alka was a fierce custodian of nature, and believed in growing her own organic produce. Her passion deeply inspired her to start her community Alka ki Bagiya (Alka’s garden), where she nudged other community members to share their gardening experiments.

She shared gardening tips, and hacks and posted breathtaking pictures from her garden. And every week, her community was on the list of top trending communities on SHEROES.



Alka also loved cooking with handpicked ingredients from her garden. She would post pictures of baked cookies, thalis and other homemade delicacies, along with recipes written in great detail.

But what she was most dedicated to, was her expression of her deepest thoughts and desires in poetry, which she posted on the community, everyday. She went on to become an avid blogger, and wrote on a wide range of topics, from gardening and fiction, to dreams and achieving the unimaginable, and the unmeasurable.

Here are the immortal words by Alka, recited at the SHEROES Summit 2018, encouraging women to keep spreading their wings…



Alka will be missed terribly by her tribe on SHEROES.



But her digital legacy lives on through the gardening community she helped nurture, and the narratives she helped shape with her words.



Merril Diniz
Writer & Conduit4Change | Goan by birth and spirit | Dancer at heart | Soul singer & foodie

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