A Young Girl Breaks Her Silence On Early Marriages

Published on 29 Nov 2017 . 2 min read

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When she was born… Her father bought another office,

When she was born…  Her mother kept the jewellery in safe,

Don’t eat much.. you have to go to your house One Day,

Don’t go out, the groom will not take a dark bride One Day,

She grew up soon, becoming independent and smart,

She got to know how to smile and win everybody’s heart,

When she finally got admission in University of Delhi,

She was happy that she could now get education according to her belly,

But future had something else in store,

Her parents started looking for a groom next door,

What could the helpless girl do but to pose for the grooms in line,

And be happy when her mother says “a girl’s wedding should happen in time”

I feel sad when I see capable youth moving out of race,

Why only young girls should marry and settle in an early age???



Vinayana Khurana
Vinayana Khurana


This emotional poem was first published on Campus Vibes by Vinayana Khurana, a student at Delhi University and a SHEROES community member. She’s a physically challenged young woman, who is determined to fight against the prejudices of the society, till she emerges victorious.


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