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Last updated 2 Feb 2016 . 2 min read

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I have always walked the road less travelled, which made me experiment a lot and made the people around me question my moves a lot. I do not have any sob stories of domestic violence or dowries or pressurizing Indian parents. I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with immense support from all corners. My husband being my best friend helped the most! From Robotics, Software Testing, Business Analyst, Consulting to Education Industry - I tapped many fields and worked with the best brands. But at the peak of my career I was hit with a realization that in the process of having a professional profile - I was losing out on being me. I took a break for 3.5 years to spend time on myself. I travelled immensely with my life partner. I found out that I had decent photography skills. I realised I had an inclination towards Western Vocals. Shaimak Dawar made me fall in love with my passion all over again.

And then one day, I felt it was time to give back to the world as now I was more of a content person. I was introduced to Sairee from Sheroes by my husband (they met at an entrepreneur-conference). That's how my journey with the fabulous organization began. The best part about the Sheroes team is - they grow with your growth. The skype sessions with Sairee helped me retain my confidence. For all my "how do I" (whether it was writing a script, directing a bollywood movie, becoming a lion trainer) her response was standard "that's easy - that's how"! I was ready to get back. My special thanks to Supriya & Smriti. 

I am working with a start up called Impact Investors Council as a Manager today. I report to the CEO and I have found that one mentor we all look for in life! Remember - There is always someone who will recognize your worth. The challenge is for you to recognize that person. Last but not the least - your bank account suddenly allows to plan your next trip!

Thank You SHEROES!


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