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Last updated 17 Aug 2016 . 2 min read

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We often tend to give the lowest priority to our health. Then, one starts hearing stories about people you or your friends know who are seemingly healthy, but have serious health issues resulting from their erratic and stressful lifestyles, and you ask yourself, ‘Am I a part of this category?’ Some of us start looking for health tips and resort to all kinds of regimes.

Such stories of friends led Divya to take part in a health and wellness initiative at her company, run by TrackMyBeat. TrackMyBeat helps this organisation’s executives manage their health by using smart technology and connected health devices.

Divya, a design and UX expert working with a software development firm, did not imagine in her wildest dreams that something could be wrong with her.

In her first health screening, everything was normal. In the second screening, done after six months, she had elevated cholesterol levels. In order to avoid medications to handle this issue, Divya was suggested lifestyle changes and a repeat of the tests after three months. These tests were normal. 

According to Divya, the tracking of her health parameters using the mobile and web applications of TrackMyBeat enabled her to take effective steps; and, were it not for this programme, she would not even have realised that something was not all right with her health.

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