Sneha Dadrwal
Last updated 27 Oct 2017 . 1 min read

9 Minimalistic Tattoos So Pretty That Your Mom Will Approve It Too

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There is heaps of tattoo inspiration out there. Cause who are we kidding, tattoos are here to stay. They provide the perfect balance of feeling edgy and expressing yourself. Tattoos have been existing since 12,000 BC. And the evolvement has been pretty amazing.


We feature here a list of minimalistic tattoos, tattoos so pretty, your mom probably would want one for herself too.


One for the love of Celestials



When life gives you lemons, you get a tattoo


When something so humongous could be so cute


When cloud staring can happen anytime


When inspirational quotes don’t feel like cliche


Have you ever seen anything more delicate

Is this probably the best spot to get a tattoo?


When you can find the best way to embrace the traveller in you


For the times when you just want to keep it simple


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    Hey Anitha, if you have a skin disorder or are in doubt about it, generally a good tattoo artist will always help with suggestions.
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    For taatos if there is any need to body check up
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