8 Must have tools for freelancers

Published on 9 Dec 2014 . 2 min read

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Working for yourself means being your own boss. It sounds amazing. And it is. But all the freedom you gain by becoming a freelancer comes with a side of responsibility. As a freelancer, you’re literally playing every role in your business in addition to doing the work that actually gets you the money.

Life isn’t easy for a freelancer working alone, but these apps will come to your rescue and make your life easier-

1) Wunderlist

There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing something off your seemingly impossible to-do list, and Wunderlist provides you with the ultimate to-do list. It syncs across all different platforms. Plus, you can assign tasks to other people! There’s nothing better than that.

2) DropBox

DropBox syncs with your computer locally, so you don’t have to worry about manually backing up files or remembering to sync.

3) Asana

Asana is a game changer. This popular group collaboration tool is free to use for up to 15 people. You can also subscribe or unsubscribe to notifications regarding changes to the task so everyone knows what is going on. It looks beautiful and makes life easier.

4) Evernote

Everyone loves Evernote. Evernote can store notes, receipts, and other miscellaneous files associated with each project.

5) FreshBooks

If you’re a freelancer, invoices will become the bane of your existence. Some days will just be spent writing and organizing your invoices. A great and simple invoice system will be a godsend. FreshBooks has been a great resource It’s straightforward and free until you have more than three clients, but totally worth the $30 per month.

6) FollowUp.cc

Do you always forget to follow up after meeting a client? Then this is the app for you. This automatically does it for you.

7) BufferApp

When you think of Apps, you don’t necessarily think they would have awesome blogs, but Buffer is an exception. Its blog is clever, entertaining, and super helpful for anyone with their own business. From articles on social media strategy to content marketing, you’ll learn something new here.

8) Sanebox

Keep that inbox under control with Sanebox. As we all know, your inbox is actually the hub of your business. It brings you joy, and it brings you sadness. Keep it together with this organization app.

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