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8 Tips To Bring Your A-Game To A Job Interview

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Women are pushing boundaries like never before to attain their ‘dream job’ in a competitive job market. In these times, where every individual is well equipped with skills, how can you secure your chances of getting employed?

While the decision to choose an employee ultimately lies in the hands of an employer, there are certain steps we can surely take to secure our chances. After examining several articles and going by personal experience, I’ve shared a few job interview tips that could be crucial factors to help you grab that job opportunity.


8 Job Interview Tips that Work


1. Passion To Grow: Employers tend to recruit employees who are go-getters. You have to exhibit passion, ambition and an eagerness to learn. Individuals who don’t show enthusiasm to make a difference to the company with their skills, will weaken their chances of getting the job. No one will want to take a chance with a passionless soul, would they? I’ve personally witnessed that individuals who exhibited the trait of passion were most of the time recruited.


2. Adding Value: Let the employer know how and what you can contribute to the company. Be quick to speak about your skills. Recruiters are keen to know how you can add value to the company. Oblige them and especially speak about those skills that will work well for the company.


3. Expertise: Besides the skills that the job demands from you, share your other expertise that may add value to the industry you are working in. You could have acquired the expertise from training programs, working, volunteering etc.


4. Read, Speak & Write Clearly: While job hunting, make sure to brush up your communication skills, soft skills and interpersonal skills. You should be able to speak and state your ideas clearly. Don’t sound disoriented.


5. Research The Company: Make sure you do a thorough research about the company and the role, before appearing in front of the interviewer. Having no knowledge about the company you want to work for, can minimize your chances of getting the job to a large extent.


6. Keep Up With The Latest News: There has been a drastic change in the way questions are posed in interviews these days. Many recruiters test the general knowledge of the potential employee, so keep abreast with trending topics. It’s always good to work with a smart and a well-informed employee.


7. Body Language: Your body language speaks volumes about you. Take steps to look confident, smile and maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Keep your back upright and be composed. Dress smartly and present your best self to the interviewer.


8. Humanitarian Skills: If opportunity arises, speak about other interests. Talk about the ways you’ve contributed to the society. Employers also seek dynamic personalities. Speak about any volunteering projects you’ve undertaken lately. You’ll be an asset to the company, if you are known to make changes for the better. Your humanitarian ways will make you a good person to work with.


Besides these, one of the most important job interview tips is: Don’t forget to engage with the interviewer. Building a connection with the interviewer will not only put you at ease, but it will also help the interviewer build a rapport with you. Going further, the conversation will be more relaxed and comfortable for both of you. Leave no stone unturned while trying to grab your dream opportunity. Even if you don’t strike luck the first time, the experience will surely equip you with the skills to face your interviewer confidently the next time.



This advisory is penned by Diana Pinto, an active SHEROES community member and moderator of our 'Health Tips' community.  She has worked as an Editor/Writer and Content Manager for various digital platforms and hopes that each word written in this space supports, motivates and inspires her readers in India or across seas. Besides writing, she loves watching movies, listening to music, dancing and spending time with her loved ones. This piece was originally published on her blog Diana’s Musings and has been republished with permission.


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