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7 Things To Do When You’re Trying To Conceive

POSTED ON 12 Jan 2017
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After you’ve decided to have a baby, the last thing you wish to do is waiting. While conceiving comes naturally for some, others have to work their way up to score it and yet others need medical intervention. The wish to have a baby can actually encourage some couples to eat healthier, stay fitter and make correct lifestyle choices. 

Here are a few tips that will increase your odds of having a child- 

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  • Regular Sexual Intercourse

Regular, unprotected sexual intercourse for a good amount of time can increase your likelihood of conceiving by a great number. Certain doctors recommend having sex every 2 to 3 days throughout the month. 

What’s more, don’t see sex as merely a way of getting a child; rather see it as a pure act of lovemaking with your partner. Don’t just perform sex, actually seek pleasure in it as long as your body allows you to. After all, what’s better than carefree, unprotected sex! 

  • Monitor ovulation

It has been noted that women with normal menstrual cycles usually ovulate two weeks prior to their periods. Ovulation is the time when a woman is most fertile, also known as ‘fertility window’. So the best time to conceive is one or two days prior to ovulation. But you don't need to have sex every day during this fertile period as the sperm can last up to seven days in the body. There are various methods to monitor ovulation. One such easy method to chart out your ovulation period is with the help of Pregaplan ovulation kit available on amazon. 


Make sure to thoroughly read the instructions as each kit can have a different method of usage.  Another method is tracing the cervical mucus, which includes a woman regularly examining both the volume and exterior of mucus in her vagina. The amount of mucus increases right before ovulation and it is also more transparent and liquid. 

  • Folic acid supplements & a Thorough Check-up

Women who are planning to get pregnant are often advised to take 400mcg to 5mg folic acid supplement every day. The quantity varies for every woman. This reduces the chances of pregnancy-related disorders and also ensures proper functioning of the baby in the later years of life. Seek the help of your doctor and also undergo a pre-pregnancy check-up wherein you will be tested for any possible infections that can harm the baby. 

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  • Break up with stress

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, couples undergo a lot of stress related to personal and professional lives. On top of this, the pressure of having a baby soon and performing sex accordingly can unnecessarily burden the couple, thus leading to a bad sex life. Start with making small lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet, better exercise schedule, yoga, etc. and then move on to bigger changes such as living in a cleaner environment, and taking added care of your diet. De-stress your life, manage your emotions well and take time off once in awhile to perform better sexually and also as a parent. 

  • Watch your weight

If you’ve always dreaded stepping on the scale, now is the time to finally let go of the fear and check your weight. If you exceed the healthy body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 - 24.9, make sure to cut down on some kilos. This will help you have a healthier pregnancy with fewer complications. As mentioned above, don’t stress yourself with too much exercising and diet control all of a sudden. Take small steps and strike the perfect balance. 

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  • Give up on alcohol & smoking

We already know that alcohol & smoking are bad for our health, but this becomes all the more true when it comes to fertility. Both drinking and smoking have been linked to reduced fertility in women and lower sperm count in men. Alcohol has also been linked to prenatal disorders in the baby. 

Give up these two habits right from conception until the end of your pregnancy & a few months post that. 

  • Ensure Sperm Health

Now this one is just for the men. Since both the partners have equal role-play in conception, it is unfair for just the woman to look after her health and issues. Men should also step up by ensuring that they have good sperm health. Few precautionary steps can be taken in this regard, like not wearing too tight clothes, cutting down on alcohol and avoiding excess junk foods. 

  • Other Quick Tips - 

    1. Get enough sleep, it leads to proper ovulation.

    2. Stop the intake of birth control pills few months before you plan to start trying for a child. 

    3. Cut down on caffeine, it can lead to miscarriage. 

    4. Talk to your partner about your parenting fears, expectations and priorities

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    Just stay calm and know that it will happen at the best time.

    Consult a practitioner if you’ve been trying for a child from a long time, all in vain.

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