6 Apps to Help You Organize Your Work

Published on 13 Aug 2014 . 2 min read

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Here are 6 apps that will help you manage time better, increase your productivity and keep you organized.


Podio straddles two worlds, online project management and business social network, with alacrity. It's one of the most comprehensive tools there is for small business communication and work management. Inside you'll find message boards, a chat function, and plenty of tools for managing projects, as well as an app store where you can leverage templates for common productivity functions small businesses need, such as invoicing and deliverables. It's free for up to five people to use, but for more users (and a few more features), you'll need to pay for an account, starting at $9 per month per employee.

Rescue Time

Rescue time runs in the background on your computer or mobile device, the free version of RescueTime tracks minutes spent on various sites or applications. This is most useful if you think you have spend too much time on social media or any other site, and would like to get it under control

My Minutes

 My Minutes is a free app that helps you focus on goal setting. You aim to work out for 30 minutes, or spend “at most” 45 minutes on email. The app gives you a nudge when you’re out of time, or a virtual pat on the back when you hit your goals.


This app helps you say what you’re doing, start the timer, and stop it when you’re done. You can code things as personal if you’d like, and create charts of what’s consuming your time. The basic version is free and is available on Android and apple


Timesheet is a time tracker that makes it easy to record your work hours. Calculate your income as an employee or the amount to bill customer if you’re self employed, a freelance, lawyer, consultant or contractor. Handle different hourly rates (overtime) and expenses such as mileage with ease. Send expense and time reports as Excel, PDF or QuickBooks files.


Brewster syncs your contacts to your phone’s default address book. It brings together your contacts from Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Instagram and other social accounts You are always Up-to-Date and can share your contact card with your contacts and automatically get their up-to-date info

What are the apps that you use to organize your work?

6 apps to increase producitivity
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