5 Types Of Toxic Workplace Attitude You Must Get Rid Of Starting Today

Published on 29 Mar 2017 . 4 min read

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The environment at your workplace is determined by not just the larger culture of your organization, but also by what you as an individual contribute to it. A great deal about the ethos of the workplace is influenced by the attitudes of the individual members. What can you do on an individual level, to ensure that your workplace is a happy, productive space? Here are 5 toxic attitudes that ruin the chances of creating and maintaining a happy and productive workspace. Read on for a reality check!

Toxic Workplace Attitude #1: Lack of punctuality – One of the worst workplace attitudes is failing to be punctual. Lack of punctuality not only reflects unprofessionalism on your behalf, it also communicates to the other person that you do not respect his/her time. Being on time is one of the most important facets of putting up a professional behaviour. Tardiness and lack of punctuality affect not only your work; meeting deadlines, organising your work commitments and meetings effectively,and so on  But, it also reflects badly on the rest of your team. Saying that it is also important to be productive. Bringing in attendance is not the point of punctuality. It sets the pace of your work throughout the day.

Toxic Workplace Attitude #2: Playing the blame game – Not taking ownership and responsibility for the work that has been delegated is a common, yet disagreeable workplace attitude. At times one may not be able to deliver, or perform as expected, however playing the blame game in such a situation makes it only worse. The only damage control that can be done in situations like this, is taking responsibility of what happened and doing your best to rectify it.

Toxic Workplace Attitude #3: Giving way to gossip and rumors – There ought to be no place for gossip and rumors in a professional arena. That however, is more often than not, a far-fetched expectation. Respecting the privacy and integrity of your colleagues and other people at work is a foremost ethical requirement. Not initiating, or partaking in gossip mongering at  is something that could instantly make your workplace a lot more peaceful. Office politics has been around since the very beginning and is here to stay. But, how you maneuver through the tricky parts decides your standing in the long run, too. Expending energy in office gossip and politics can only take you so far. Ultimately your work will take prominence.

Toxic Workplace Attitude #4: Not being a team player – Being a part of a team can be tough at times. However, no matter how tough it gets, if you have been entrusted a task to be delivered by being a part of a larger team, do your best. To do your best you don’t have to over-do, or go out of your way to do things, rather, just ensure you do your bit efficiently. In case there are issues that need to be resolved, bring them up in a mature manner by communicating with the person responsible.

Toxic Workplace Attitude #5: Not keeping the personal and the professional separate – Bringing personal issues to the workplace is something that one must avoid at all costs. It affects your credibility at work in a negative manner, which could be irreversible. Similarly, carrying home issues from work could throw your mental peace and sanity off. While at times it might take some extra effort to ensure a clear demarcation between your personal and your professional life, it is something that one must ensure to keep complications at bay. 

Been at the receiving end of toxic workplace attitudes? Tell us what they were, and how you dealt with them!


Shreeradha Mishra
Shreeradha is a passionate child rights professional and a freelance writer. Most of the other times, she is traveling, photographing, baking or eating

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