5 Tricks For Moms to Find Their Dream Job

Published on 21 Oct 2015 . 3 min read

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Tired of applying for jobs, still no response? You echo the sentiments of thousands of moms who worked hard till going on the sabbatical and want to start the drill again, but are clueless over the rejection of their applications. Well, here are five tricks that are going to assist you in your job search and make you smile again.

Pick the job

When you plan to work from home after a sabbatical, you may not get the option of your previous job profile. So, list out the options you are comfortable with. Is it writing? Is it designing? It is not like you are going to do whatever comes your way. Apply for the jobs that you are passionate about. You may not have the relevant experience, but having the aptitude works wonders. Do not go for anything blindly that your friend told you paid her. The seeds you sow will reap the fruits. So, brainstorm what you want to do.

Customised cover letter

It is your first communication with your perspective employer. Its significance lies in the fact that before reaching out to the resume, your cover letter must pass the litmus test. So, keep it short and simple. Do not just copy and paste your resume here. Moreover, do not send a generalised cover letter. Browse the web-link of the company you are applying for. Sometimes a company clearly mentions in the career section what they are looking for in their perspective employee. Customise your cover letter accordingly. Instead of boasting off, explain your work and perspectives.

Most importantly, do include a cover letter. It brings forward the seriousness of the applicant. An application without a cover letter is like a boat without a sail, and is out an out a sinking reject.

Reflective profile

Your profile on the job searching portals should reflect your claims in the resume and the cover letter. Everything should be in tandem. It should not look like different people are applying simultaneously for a job. Profile serves the purpose of cross-checking the credentials and validating the information apart from your quick snapshot. That is why, zeroing in on a job and being true is so significant in the job search.


Even if you do not hear every time you send an application, do not lose heart. A battle is half conquered when you believe in yourself. So have faith.

Job search is the most time consuming and disheartening step. Remember that you are competing against hundreds of qualified professionals. So, roll up your sleeves. Keep your spirits high. Apply, review, refine and reapply, till you hit the eye. 

Neha Dewan
An environmentalist by training, I worked in the corporate sector during the initial years to find a confluence between the industries and nature. At present, I teach Biology online to higher secondary students. I love exploring the sabbatical blues faced by women like me and how the magnanimous internet could help us.

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