4 Quick Pick-Me-Ups For That Super Busy Day

Published on 14 Feb 2017 . 3 min read

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Busy days for women are a given! No matter how much we try to loosen ourselves up and think about taking it easy, we just can’t! Whether you are a working woman, a homemaker or a working mother, this is true for us all. So much so that we crave for the weekends, and then end up making a to-do list for the weekend too

I have now accepted this as the reality - life will always be busy. It’s good in a way too as it keeps me mentally and physically active. After all, too much pampering and sitting in the parlour for long hours is a luxury that I just cannot afford! So, ditch that and take a look at these super cool pick-me-ups that I always go for on that busy and tiring day.

  1. Grab an energy bar

On a day when you are too tired to cook anything or grab a meal for yourself, you run the risk of binging on something unhealthy. How about an energy bar? We have great options in the market but what I mostly do is make this healthy ‘dates and oats energy bar’ at home. It’s simple, super-quick to prepare and very nutritious. Here is the link for the recipe.


  1. Relaxing eye mask

Long hours in front of our computers and the long drive back home with glaring headlights are really strenuous for our eyes. Re-energize them with a refreshing aloe vera eye mask.


  1. Bath salts

Take a hot water bath or soak your feet in a hot water tub with bath salts. Bath salts have minerals that have an amazing rejuvenating effect on the body.


  1. Hot milk or turmeric latté

Turmeric latté has become a rage in the West recently. We in India have always known it to be a reliable problem-solver. Whenever I am too tired and craving for a good night’s sleep, there is nothing better than a glass of ‘haldi’ milk for that restful sleep. Just drink it hot before tucking in and you will be as fresh as dew for the grind of the next day.


Bring it on, Life! Who said I’m running scared?

Written by Ruchi Ranjan



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