3 Simple Ways You Can Make A Hectic Valentine's Day Special

Published on 14 Feb 2017 . 3 min read

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Valentine’s Day is coming up – while some say ‘nay’, I say ‘yay’! For me, this is a day to celebrate love, the most beautiful feeling in the world (yes, yes, I know it’s been commercialized and all that, but still...)

Now for the most important question: What are your plans for V-Day?

What? Did I just hear that your boss has given you a ton of work that means you’ll have no time for that big romantic gesture? That’s bad! Ok, so you will have to spend the entire day sitting in the office, a fake smile hiding the gloom inside.

Don’t worry! I have an idea (or two). Don’t forget that we are living in a technology-driven world. You might not be there with your partner for the entire day but you can definitely do something to express your feelings. You can do all the small things that matter in a relationship. Here’s how.

Send scheduled mails

Handwritten love letters are so yesterday! Use the power of Internet to make your Valentine’s Day memorable. Think of 10 beautiful moments that you have spent with each other. Type those 10 moments in 10 separate mails. Attach some sweet photos and schedule them using web-based applications like Boomerang. Imagine how happy s/he will be on seeing your love mails popping up every hour.

Give an IOU

So Valentine’s Day is ruined for you. It’s okay! How about giving your partner an IOU that s/he can redeem another day? The IOU could be for anything at all – from a dinner date to a sexy massage to a promise to go along to a poetry reading -  whatever you know your partner will fancy! Just receiving an IOU on Valentine’s Day is romance enough.

Arrange for a late dinner date

You have spent your entire day and late evening too at work. But hey! Don’t lose hope. The evening is all yours. Invite your partner for a really-late dinner date. If it’s too late to get dinner reservations, tie up some red balloons at home. Play some soft music in the background and talk your heart out. Who says takeaway can’t be romantic? Celebrate this beautiful day by reviving old memories and building new relationship goals. And yes! Don’t forget to gorge on an ice-cream after your romantic dinner date. After all, we can all add some sweetness to our relationships!

Written by Charvi Kathuria



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