Sneha Dadrwal
Last updated 2 Nov 2017 . 1 min read

3 Easy Cocktails That Everyone Should Know How To Make

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Its that time of the year. The time when you can easily enjoy the outdoors along with perfect drinks. These cocktails are perfect for the season and probably easier than ABC. We suggest to master these quick tricks and be the part shero! With the wedding season coming up, trust us, you are going to be a total fan fav.


  1. Whiskey Sour - It’s simple - All you need is great whiskey, lemon-sugar mix and ice. Voila, you have already aced this.



2. Western Indian - This is yet another simple 4 ingredient drama free vodka cocktails. And its super easy on you pallate.


3. Daiquiri - The name is for sure fancy. But the process to make it is equally quick. All you need is rum, sugar and a lime. Boom you got it.



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