Lola Jutta
3 Jan 2017 . 4 min read

#2017Goals: Five Links That May Shape Up Your Year Right

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No more happy new year wishes. I have had my fill of new year wishes. I am done for this year. I think you are done too.

Let’s talk about our favourite topic, life! Don’t worry, I am not going to break into a monologue and hog your precious morning tea time.

It’s just going to be a reminder to align your efforts and goals, so that you don’t end up expending your time and energy on slogging pointlessly.


Yesterday, after a hard day’s work, a thought crossed my mind. What if I could manage to squeeze in almost everything, in these 24 hours. Is it humanly possible?


I wonder how do these successful people, manage every single detail of their lives and still do exemplary work and excel at their craft. We are always on the clock, expending our energy to achieve the best of everything for a comfortable life. In the process, we end up accumulating all the nonsense, which burdens us down.  


Adopting minor attitudinal changes won’t vanish your struggles. Problems will still persist, it will give you a fresh perspective, renewed strength and composure to deal with them in a tactful manner.

Now that we have tried fixing the attitude issue, also get down on the efficiency and productivity factor.

Personally, I like my work space to be relaxing, but charged with energy. We all have our peculiar habits, which we sync with our work routine to maximise our output. Having that cuppa coffee or listening to that playlist while taking up a task and such. 11 tips by successful people to boost your productivity is your guide to become a smart worker along with hard work.

Your work is affected by your bad health. Indeed health is wealth. You can’t conquer the world on an empty stomach. Also not when your nutrition levels are down. But, the million dollar question is whether we can afford to invest our time in healthy eating options when we are pressed for time. Guess what, you can. Nothing out of the box, but just to remind you that these changes to your diet and kitchen will keep you healthy.


Try out eating healthy and how you can make it happen in easiest ways by stocking your kitchen cabinets with nuts rather than cheese bites and so.


Millennials are notorious among the elder generation for being callous and mainly spend-thrifts. Surprisingly, there are many teenagers out there, among them are my cousins whom I have seen being intelligent about their pocket money. But there are certain off-market, unconventional strategies applied by these youngsters to save their money. Check out these cool tips on saving money by the millennials.


And, pawn off your used goods at the Amazon India individual seller. Amazon has launched its "Sell as Individual" service in India, allowing users to sell their used goods. The pilot program is currently operational in Bangalore. Give away the pile of stuff taking up that space in your room and used it instead for yourself.

Write in to us your  new year promises and how you are planning to keep it running throughout the year. Share with us your strategies to increase work productivity and maintain mental peace. We will be happy to showcase them on our platform.


Lola Jutta
An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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