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20 Effective Money Saving Tips For All New Mothers

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Motherhood brings with it a lot of joy and a whole range of added responsibility, chores, weight and of course expenses. The expenses that accompany the joy are often not expected and cause a lot of problems that you had not bargained for. There are many ways that you can cut down on expenses when your baby arrives without compromising on the quality of care that you provide to your child.

As a new mom of the modern world, I refuse to spend a fortune on a pair of overalls that won't last more than a few months.

Here are some money saving tips for new moms that are high on value and low on price:

#1 Don't splurge on clothes. Babies grow fast and the branded dungarees will soon hit the trash (speaking from experience)!

#2 Choose unisex shades and styles. I prefer buying neutral baby clothes as we want to have more kids in future and would like to reuse my son's partywear.

#3 Don't shy away from asking your paediatrician for free samples. I personally have had my fair share of baby product samples.

#4 Make your own baby food or formula instead of store-bought food. There are plenty of recipes available online, moreover, this way you can custom make the kind of food that your child will relish and benefit from.

#5 As much as you'd want to buy the so-called ‘quintessential’ nappy bins, play mats, changing table and posh baby bags - DON'T! They aren't as useful as you may believe, also, they unnecessarily occupy space in your baby closet.

#6 Don't overbuy clothes and toys – you'll  often receive them as gifts from grandparents and others members of the family. If I remember right I received no less than 15 pairs of baby suits on my son's naming ceremony.

#7 I avoid buying anything prepackaged. In my opinion, it costs more and isn’t as healthy.

#8 I love shopping (who doesn't?). The problem is that I'm an impulsive shopper. To curb this tendency I have made some shopping rules.

#9 Never go shopping without a list. Write one and stick to it.

#10 Eat before you shop, it tends to stop impulse buying.

#11 Another important budget rule for shopping would be to buy clothes during sales. Never pay full price for kids clothes when the stores are flooded with offers and 90% discounts!

#12 Be organized and set your saving goals. Hang your goal chart on your bathroom door or any other place where it is easily visible, this way you'll be constantly reminded of your goals.

#13 Don't be afraid to ask friends or relatives for hand me down clothing or baby gear. I have asked my cousin's for baby gear and been asked by my friends and neighbours for the same. After all, sharing is caring.

#14 Use coupons and codes and sign up for store rewards programs. If I had a dime for every time I used a coupon for diapers, I'll be a very wealthy woman!

#15 Breastfeed your baby. It is healthy and saves you a lot of money too!

#16 Use cloth diapers in the first few months.

#17 Save on diaper cost by buying in bulk and do it online.

#18 Save money on entertainment by opting for movie rental sites than going to a theatre.

#19 Buy quality toys that last longer, than skimping on them first and buying again.

#20 Ask friends or family to babysit when necessary instead of employing a babysitter

#21 Register for free baby products.

#22 Opt for government vaccinations instead of going to a private hospital.

#23 Make your own DIY baby hammock.

#24 Try and be more open to natural methods of skin care instead of buying expensive lotions and diaper rash creams. I use a combination of Shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil for diaper rashes. Not only is it organic but it’s also budget friendly.

To Sum Up:

There are so many small steps you can take when caring for your baby. There are many ways that cut through the chaff and save a serious amount of hard earned money. These small savings can, in turn, be saved for the baby’s education and future expenses. None of these measures will actually compromise on baby care but will keep things rational.

Share your Money saving tips post becoming a mother in the comments section below.

Happy Parenting :)

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